Aeroplane manufacturing could be about to get greener

A new manufacturing method has been discovered which could see the production of aeroplanes become more eco-friendly than ever before.

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been experimenting to try and find alternative ways of creating the carbon-fire composites needed for aeroplanes.

According to bimstore, the new method that the researchers came up with means that only 1% of the energy used by the current methods will be needed and there will also be no need for ovens and autoclaves.

As well as reducing the amount of energy used, this new method will lead to the process being sped up.

Brin Wardle, professor of aeronautics and astronautics, said:

“Beyond airplanes, most of the composite production in the world is composite pipes, for water, gas, oil, all the things that go in and out of our lives.

“This could make making all those things, without the oven and autoclave infrastructure, possible.”

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