Alexander Loyer Hughes AIA, Presents: Remote Working and Collaboration

Take a moment to join Alexander Loyer Hughes, A.I.A., of Kurv Architecture as he shares his approach to remote working and collaboration.

Based in New York, Alex discusses his decision to do away with office space, and the technologies he uses to maintain close contact with his international team and project stakeholders.

Alex also shares his ideas about experimental parametric design, the role of music in architecture, and his thoughts on a post-pandemic world.

About Zoltan Toth

Zoltan Toth, Intl. Assoc. AIA, brings nine years of experience at various architectural offices both in the US and overseas. These roles have helped him understand the importance of BIM and the different ways it is rapidly transforming the AEC industry. Holding an M.Sc. in architecture and experience with both small and large scale projects, Zoltan is helping North American architectural offices with their BIM adoption and implementation. He is also deeply interested in sustainable solutions and an advocate for the widespread use of energy analysis tools early on in the design process.

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