Ballast Nedam to organize a 4D BIM program at GEO|Design+BIM 2018

Amsterdam: GEO| Design+BIM, a platform that highlights the use of geospatial data analytics and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in asset spatial design, construction, and operation and maintenance, is pleased to announce Ballast Nedam as a Content Partner. The event is scheduled to take place from 1-2 November 2018, in Amsterdam.

Ballast Nedam, a Dutch-based development and construction company, will be organizing a program on Virtual Building at the event. The program will focus on the importance of 4D-scheduling tools for virtual building in infrastructure and building sector. Paulus Eckhardt, Director Design & Engineering at Ballast Nedam, will be one of the speakers, along with a few other industry players.


Eckhardt explains “The next step in reducing failure costs and increasing efficiency within the construction industry is to first digitally build the asset. Not only is the final situation important, the phasing of the construction technology and all temporary works, will especially improve collaboration between all parties involved in the building process. At GEO|Design+BIM we will discuss this way of working, because we still have to make big steps towards creating the willingness of people involved in construction to embrace the digital twin!”

“Partnership with Ballast Nedam is a new approach that we adopted this year as an endeavor to enrich our program offerings at GEO|Design+BIM. The conference is on its way to be a true business user platform, and we’re beyond excited to present a more content-rich and user-focused conference to our audience,” adds Anamika Das, Vice President, Outreach and Business Development at Geospatial Media and Communications, the conference organizer.

About Ballast Nedam Ballast Nedam is a development and construction company in which the projects form the core business. Ballast Nedam wants to be the most competitive construction company in the Netherlands. Via direct and open dialogue with its clients and partners, Ballast Nedam develops future-proof buildings and infrastructure: from dream to completion. It combines this with its smart view of cost efficiency, technology, worldwide expertise and focus on operational excellence. This way Ballast Nedam achieves ground-breaking solutions. The projects on which Ballast Nedam focusses include the major part of our built environment and ensure diversification within the group. These are projects in which Ballast Nedam makes the difference for its client through its specialist expertise and skills. Ballast Nedam industrialises the construction process by using innovative modular concepts and standardising its approach. Ballast Nedam is part of the Renaissance Group.

About GEO|Design+BIM GEO|Design+BIM is an exclusive event in Europe, highlighting and initiating discussions related to the use of geospatial data analytics and BIM in asset spatial design, construction, operation and maintenance. The event is a combination of two innovative platforms: GeoDesign Summit Europe and GeoBIM Europe, which were organized separately since 2013. Understanding the relevance and importance of bringing the geospatial analytics, spatial planning, architecture, engineering, construction and operation/maintenance professionals together on one platform, a combined effort was initiated in 2017, giving birth to this exciting integrated event. Visit to learn more.

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