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A new “Products” page

Over the year, I have built a collection of applications around BIM. These tools range from Revit plugins

Generative Design with the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm

Like many other in the AEC space, I have been following the development of Townscaper, the town-building game

Revit to Cricut

One of my relative recently buy a Cricut Maker and I had the opportunity to play a little

DynamoMEP samples

I released last week a new version of my dynamo package DynamoMEP. To help you around the new

DynamoMEP update

A few years ago, I released a Dynamo package that was intended to be the groundwork for a

DynaWeb – Part 2

After a first article where I introduced you to both Airtable and DynaWeb, we go on using web

DynaWeb – Part 1

About DynaWeb From the own words of Radu Gidei, the creator of this package: “DynaWeb was designed as

Five Dynamo list nodes

The following nodes were quite mysterious to me and I had never used them, preferring to fall back

The Bimsync Revit plugin

A new Bimsync Revit plugin has been published on the Autodesk App Store. I have always been a

Revit plugins updated for 2021

This is a long overdue post, but I finally updated my Revit plugins for Revit 2020 and 2021.