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BIM Workshop at ASHRAE’s 2015 Energy Modelling Conference in Atlanta

Energy modellers all over the world are gathering in Atlanta, Georgia from September 28th to the 2nd of

Invitation to the Free BIM4Analysis Webinar

Join the IES team plus special guest speaker Jean Carriere of Trailloop on Thursday 28th January 2016 for

Learn Energy Modeling in the BIM Management Program at George Brown College

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a rapidly emerging technology process that offers the building design, construction, and operations

The 5 Modeling Techniques for gbXML Energy Modeling Integration

In my journey towards creating perfect energy models with BIM, I came across many online resources from the

Deliver Energy Performance Results Faster and Earlier

The streamlined BIM workflow saves you time by avoiding rework, which can lead to significant soft cost savings

Re-Integrate Architectural Design Modifications

Provide quick feedback by managing design updates through the re-integration of BIM for comparative analysis with minimal rework.

Interoperate Between BIM and Energy Modeling

Build clean models before exporting the gbXML file and avoid integration errors before they happen, yielding predictably good