Data in Your Revit or BIM Model Equals Power, HDR Lead Architect says

Having the right data in your Revit or BIM model translates into power.

Don’t believe that statement?

Ask HDR Inc.

HDR is an architecture, engineering and consulting firm that was founded in 1917. It’s employee owned with 10,000 employees. The firm has worked in all seven continents and has done notable projects like the Hoover Dam Bypass, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and The Roslin Institute.

HDR currently does a lot of work related to health care spaces, science and technology and education and civic spaces.

“Technology has evolved tremendously,” HDR health care architect Susana Erpestad said. “To design with true information or even evidence, it helps sustain the concepts you create.”

The way HDR uses data to inform design has changed the most. The firm uses a lot of parametric models, but the goal is always to match what is in the field with what is in the model.

By using virtually any software platform available in the market, teams find which platforms will inform the design they do.

“I think data is power,” Erpestad said. “I think part of the big impact we have right now is BIM and data management.”

James Bates, an HDR engineer, said they deliver a lot of their requirements and information through Revit. But they do not solely rely on it.

They are constantly in the field checking things against their designs.

“We collaborate face to face. We collaborate with software. We work in the same models,” Bates said. “Then each of us bring our different software that we use into that process so we can comprehensively build the building.”

Bates said the company has been able to sustain its technological advantage through new recruits.

“We have a lot of breadth of experience at HDR ranging from people just beginning in the industry and people being there for a really long time,” Bates said. “I think the way that software is adapted to the process – we can only get that from the emerging professional.”

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