Design with BIM – Be Inspired

Imagine a process in which your inspiring design takes shape – all the while, you’re building a model that is 100% accurate and can respond to changes nimbly. It exists and is in use by leading architects who inspire us daily.

Being an architect means relating to spaces in 3 dimensions. Working as an architect in today’s technology-driven environment means having a software to support that methodology. Leading architects have found a way to design, free from constraints and with unlimited creativity – they have shared their vision and how BIM helps them realize it.

You may be thinking, how is this possible? Where can I find out more?

This free, informative webinar has all the details! Register HERE!

There is a workflow that will help you design, respond to project changes seamlessly, express unlimited possibilities and be profitable while doing it – we explore it in an upcoming webinar.

This is an opportunity to discover a new approach to architecture – harnessing all that BIM offers – without stifling your design process. BIM can work for you as you create. Designing with BIM can support you as you explore possibilities with Rhino and Grasshopper, it will help you bring your designs to life with Virtual Reality and so much more. Firms who design with BIM use technology to explore project feasibility – visualize plans to change and develop better communities – and position themselves to lead projects in a growing economy.

Join us for this free, informative webinar that could change your practice for the better!

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