Drone solution for AEC organisations launched

Esri UK has announced a new partnership with Heliguy to complete its end-to-end drone solution designed for the AEC industry

Esri UK and Heliguy will work on joint projects, aiming to introduce new and more efficient workflows by bringing together customers’ GIS and Survey teams who have traditionally worked separately on drone-related projects.

Offering a solution to AEC organisations looking for integrated and scalable programmes, the new partnership aims to streamline current processes, from drone management and data capture, through to data analysis and better sharing of outputs across a business, including integration with BIM and CAD workflows.

Esri UK and Heliguy are holding a joint webinar on 19 November 2020 at 3.00-4.00pm, to discuss how the new partnership helps meet AEC challenges and improve workflows.

Maximising investment

Craig Evenden, head of AEC & BIM at Esri UK, said: “Esri has invested heavily in creating its drone technology and this new relationship completes the picture in the UK.

“By providing a single source of hardware and software, the partnership will help customers maximise their investment in drones and GIS.

“As drone usage grows, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the AEC community is demanding more integrated programmes that can easily grow across their business.

“Heliguy’s vast experience and training capabilities, coupled with Esri’s cloud-based drone and GIS software are a perfect match for the AEC industry’s new enterprise requirements.”

Ruairi Hardman, Heliguy’s business development manager, said: “The AEC drone industry is still in its infancy which sees many piecemeal projects with no proper joined-up internal approach, which leads to failure.

“Internal drone programmes that can scale across a business are a fairly new phenomenon and these are what we look forward to delivering alongside Esri UK.

“Robust, standardised drone workflows, designed for the long-term, can lead to 1-2% efficiency gains which translates into millions of pounds on large-scale construction projects.”

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