Dronomy’s SiteAware Links Drone Data to Revit Models, Transforming Construction Sites with Drones

Drones have a rapidly growing presence at construction sites where they help verify that work has been performed properly, on time, on schedule and according to plan while reducing the subjective manual data.

But a big problem that has arisen from the onslaught of drones is how can general contractors or property owners use drones to add value to what really matters – better monitoring and managing their projects and actually get useful insights out of the drone flights?

Drones that just fly high over job sites are limited with their ability to capture the entire site, and imagery taken by workers from ground level are usually out of context and hard to manage. It’s been extremely difficult to bring a drone’s construction-verification imagery, especially into a 3D BIM model.

But Dronomy has software that offers a robust solution to this problem.

“It adds knowledge to construction,” VP of Business Development said Gil Mildworth said.

Dronomy is a very exciting Israeli startup that created SiteAware, powerful technology that transforms off the shelf consumer drones into a sensor with brains that can create 3D “as built” models of construction sites just by flying a construction site. What makes this company even more exciting is their ability to get the drones to autonomously fly low and close to the actual structure, capture high-resolution data from all angles which allow for high-accuracy analysis of the construction project.

Dronomy can use the aerial imagery to build 3D models that can be overlaid and compared to BIM “as planned” models. General Contractors can compare each BIM model created by Dronomy to the previous model comparing “as planned” to “as built” over time. The solution, called SiteAware by Dronomy, also integrates to the existing workflows of the GC’s to provide automated content adding visual perspectives to punch-lists and for RFIs.

“We allow GCs and owners to continuously and remotely monitor their construction projects, adding unparalleled insights. The ability to compare the intention and the actual result of the construction is what adds value” Mildworth said. “You can even see what changed in the project automatically over time with our 4D progress report.”

Dronomy, HingePoint

SiteAware automatically highlights the delta or what has changed between models so the user can easily see and document what has changed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

“You can get half-inch-level accuracy for measurements just with simple autonomous drone scan of the work site,” Mildworth said.

The software is ideal for construction sites that are building from the ground up, like commercial or high-rise buildings, and sites that have many buildings, like a large apartment complex. This is where Dronomy differentiates itself as compared to others in the market.

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