Get HSW Credits and Learn the New Benefits of Designing with BIM

Did you just notice the date? Did it just occur to you that time is running out for you to get your HSW credits for the year? Procrastinators, fear not! GRAPHISOFT has you covered – this free course will teach you about ways to improve productivity, safety, creativity, and collaboration. It is an end of the year gift from us to you!

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After you take the course, you will be able to describe how the new stair tool in ARCHICAD helps to design stair solutions that are safe and easy to navigate and meet all applicable national and local codes. The course also teaches you how to explain how the integrated collision detection feature in ARCHICAD can reveal potential flaws and weaknesses in the design before construction begins. We developed this course to give you access to knowledge that will help you explore how BIM automates documentation updates and eliminates potential errors or miscommunications that can occur when the documentation is not kept current. The course gives information on how BIM improves the collaboration between architects and the rest of the consulting and engineering team. This course can also help you wow potential clients, by learning about new presentation tools in BIM software – that provide stunning ways to engage clients. What have you got to lose? Original Article