Hiring and training the right people for your practice

There’s so much riding on who you bring on board. Finding them can be challenging, so before you start, consider these tips.

Look for recruits that offer a ‘Cultural Fit’

Increasingly, recruitment professionals encourage employers to recruit new staff based on their ability to provide a ‘cultural fit’, rather than their specific technical skills. That’s because research is showing that staff hired this way are more likely to have greater job satisfaction, remain with their employer longer, and often exhibit increased job performance.

Be prepared to hire someone who has little or no ARCHICAD experience

Why do this? Remember, you can always teach ARCHICAD skills. What you can’t teach is passion, motivation, dedication or a way of thinking – summed up by Anthony Laney of Laney, LA, Inc. who spoke at the A’18 National Convention in New York:

We do not hire designers based on their knowledge of a specific software. Software can be taught, I have not figured out how to teach thirst for learning or good design taste.

Anthony Laney

Teaching new recruits new software is made even easier when the software itself is intuitive, as Chad Hansen of Mountain West Architects explains:

As our company grows we have noticed how user-friendly this software [ARCHICAD] is for our new hires. Employees seem to pick it up much quicker than other software.

Chad Hansen, Mountain West Architects

You’re hired! Now what?

GRAPHISOFT has several training options and resources available so you can transform the job candidate into the star designer on your team in no time!

Choose from these options to get started:

  • Graphisoft HelpCenter
  • Education Portal
  • Revit to ARCHICAD Reference Guide (available free for ARCHIPLUS Members here)
  • Revit to ARCHICAD Online Training Recording (available free for ARCHIPLUS Members here)
  • Revit Users Learning ARCHICAD Online Workshop
  • The ARCHICAD YouTube Channel

Seek out students and take advantage of their access to FREE ARCHICAD!

Bringing students into your firm has many advantages, they’re enthusiastic about learning, they don’t have to unlearn bad habits from another firm – and they have access to free ARCHICAD and resources.

Students have access to free resources including narrated video clips; quizzes; and project files that allow them to learn ARCHICAD quickly. These resources can be accessed via the GRAPHISOFT Education Portal.

Find out more about ARCHICAD 22 for Education

GRAPHISOFT is Actively Spreading ARCHICAD in Educational Environments

Our award-winning By Design series has taken a sharp look at how education needs to embrace technology. We’ve always known this and that’s why ARCHICAD has always been free to schools, teachers and students. Hundreds of students and schools have downloaded ARCHICAD and do so every year. Anyone who teaches ARCHICAD has access to a free BIM Curriculum. We bolster our outreach program via partnerships with the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS).

Hear how Joseph Vance aims to increase profitability in this episode of ByDesign: Virtual Realities


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