HSBCAD Dazzles Autodesk University with Augmented Reality, HoloLens Demo Copy

HSBCAD showcased augmented reality software for the HoloLens—Microsoft’s VR headset—at Autodesk University this year, which lets architects expand and walk through actual 3D models.

Although the software is not for sale, HSBCAD is hoping to eventually find value and sell it in the market, HSBCAD Owner Karel Vinckier said.

“Every chance that we have to try out new technologies we grab it with both hands,” he said.

The HoloLens has only been available to developers for a few months, but already HSBCAD has working software for the newest trend in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

As the AEC industry gradually marches towards augmented and virtual reality, the software demo shows the robust capability of HSBCAD, said Bryce Finnerty, CEO and Founder of HingePoint.

“I personally think HSBCAD is one of the greatest innovators in the CAD to CAM space and defiantly the leader in wood timber for CAD to CAM,” Finnerty said. “They are so advanced technologically, they just tinker with the augmented reality and HoloLens and they just do it for fun.”

HSBCAD is a leader in migrating companies from Computer Aided Design to Computer aided Manufacturing. They are an AutoCAD and Revit provider of applications for the offsite construction industry.

They translate architectural drawings to files that machines can read to cut and drill beams, cut sheeting, and then assemble all the elements automatically.

The Belgium based company just released a cloud application called hsbShare.

“hsbShare allows collaboration by focusing on all the metadata that is not in the drawing,” said Kris Riemslagh, Co Founder and Software Architect HSBCAD.

This includes information like schedules, delivery dates, and tracking issues. This is information that is created during the building process, and hsbShare manages that information and makes it available to all stakeholders.

“You can upload your model to the cloud and you can enhance it with all sorts of metadata and make the link between the metadata and the 3D object,” Vinckier said.

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