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Aeroplane manufacturing could be about to get greener

A new manufacturing method has been discovered which could see the production of aeroplanes become more eco-friendly than

BIM Show Live Keynote Speakers Revealed

Designing for healthy people and places, protecting the environment and human-centred design are all high on the agenda

Could drones be used to inspect buildings?

Drones could soon be used to inspect buildings. According to bimstore, the plans have been suggested following the

Solar panels play key part in Ugandan medical facility

Solar panels are being used to power a Ugandan medical facility. The Mount Sinai Kyabira Surgical Facility was

Smart “city of the future” mapped out in Canada

A Canadian town is being transformed into a smart community by combining fibre optics, autonomous vehicles and drone

Brexit bunker designed for London garden

A London design studio has constructed a ‘Brexit bunker’ in the garden of a local house. The ‘Brexit

Affordable housing complex designed in Los Angeles

Affordable housing made from shipping containers is being constructed in Los Angeles. According to bimstore, the Isla Intersections

New York takes steps to combat climate control

New York have introduced a bill that will grade the city’s buildings by how efficiently they use their

With Automation, Manufacturing Calls For Brain Work

Because of automation, manufacturing has shifted from the old “metal-bashing days” to a profession that requires workers to

4 Things I changed about HingePoint to prepare for 2017

Here’s what’s happening in 2017 – SharePoint, Office365, Autodesk, and Salesforce software integrationsAs I presented my 10X Talk