News story: Getting smart with your energy


Government has allowed suppliers to try out different ways of helping people monitor their energy use with smart meters by trialling alternatives to the ln Home Display.

Smart meters will help people track exactly how much energy they’re using, which is a big part of our plan to keep energy bills down. These trials will help us gather evidence about how people interact with different ways of getting information about their energy use like phone apps or web based portals. We’ll then be able to make an informed decision on whether any changes are needed to the current policy.

Lord Bourne, Energy Minister said:

I’m committed to ensuring that this Government transforms Great Britain’s energy infrastructure so it is fit for the 21st century. The roll out of smart meters play a key role in helping hardworking families to take control of their energy use, bringing an end to estimated bills and helping bill payers to become more energy efficient.

We’ve listened to stakeholders who have told us that they want to give their customers the choice in how they engage with their energy use. That’s why we are allowing energy suppliers to introduce trials of alternatives to the In Home Display – such as smart phone apps –so we can ensure our decisions meet the needs of consumers across the country.

Alongside smart meters, we’re also keeping bills low for consumers by helping more and more suppliers enter the market – there are now 36 to choose from. We’re also making it easier and faster for people to switch and get the best deal for them – saving on average around £200. And we are going further by paving the way for people to be able to switch supplier within 24 hours, helping them cut their bills quicker.

With nearly a quarter of electricity bills covering the cost of getting electricity from where it’s generated to people’s home, we’re also proposing new rules that will bring more competition into how energy is transported, cutting costs for investors and consumers.

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