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PLQ 3.4 – Inspired Improvements

Hello BIMfans, By writing PLQ 3.4 – EPConclusion, I was able to complete the calculations for my Energy Performance

Is It Smart? – Conexis L1

Hello BIMfans, Welcome to ‘Is It Smart?’, the blog series where I have a look at the smart technology

PLQ 3.4 – EPConclusion

Hello BIMfans, After previously considering my Overall Dimensions, Heating Requirements and Internal Gains, I am now able to complete

PLQ 3.4 – No Pain No Gain

Hello BIMfans, As you are aware from my Previous Posts, I am currently working my way through BRE‘s Standard

PLQ 3.4 – SAP Likes It Hot

Hello BIMfans, In my last post, I introduced BRE‘s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and began my SAP Calculations by

PLQ 3.4 – Frank SAPpa

Hello BIMfans, Now that I’ve produced Tŷ Crempog‘s information model, it’s time (finally) to put it to practical use

Structured Safety

Hello BIMfans, With the recent release of PAS 1192-6, the newest core BIM Level 2 publication, there is now

PLQ 3.3 – Measured Maintenance

Hello BIMfans, Now that my COBie has been validated during COBie Culmination, it is time to put that

PLQ 3.3 – COBie Culmination

Hello BIMfans, Those of you who have been following this Blog will know that producing good COBie has been