Real Estate Drone Photography Boon for Industry

Drones are booming.

Amazon wants to start using drones to deliver same-day packages. The United Nations is considering delivering medical supplies to countries in need and some are even hoping to help dog owners pick up after their dog’s number two. All of it with drones.

Some estimates have the drone market worth $127 billion by 2020. This includes everything from building and selling the drone itself to drone pilots offering services.

However, drones are not just used to conduct specific tasks. They are also used to gather information. For example, construction companies are using drones to survey their job sites.

The drones take video and pictures to show general contractors the state of a project or structure. These digital assets—the photographs and videos—save a lot of hours of work.

High-quality marketing videos like Ms. Renfros salsa, is not only becoming a new way to show off your business, it’s becoming a new way to market real estate companies.

3 things Drones are Used for in Construction & Real Estate

  1. Construction crews are using drones to verify if projects have been finished or if they were finished correctly. Think things like parking lots and roofs.
  1. Speaking of roofs, surveyors are starting to use drones to look at structures instead of dangerously scaling these high places with people. Not only does it save time, but it is also safer.
  1. Real estate developers and landlords are starting to use drone videos to market their properties. Drone videos can be breathtaking, especially if you have a drone pilot with an eye for marketing.

The Problem with Drones

The foreseeable future of drones is bringing the same problem every other new digital asset brings to market. Where will all these videos and photos of job sites go? Where will they be stored? How will it be integrated with other systems and software?

There are some great solutions.—a platform that uses machine learning to tag, search and find industrial photos and videos from the job site—can be linked to Procore, a mobile platform built to streamline construction project management.

But still, there is more that needs to be done.

If a company is using SharePoint or any other document management system, automatically letting software share information with other systems is going to be critical.

Information is notorious for being siloed. Some software is a natural walled-off garden, meaning it doesn’t share information and can control the environment users are in.

So with billions going into the drone market, a keen eye on integration is going to be needed.

Construction verification with drones is becoming a vital and cost-effective way to survey and validate work at construction sites.

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