Sweets.com Makes Revit Models Sweeter with Automatic Tagging

Sweets.com puts the “I” in your Building Information Models (BIM) with a new Revit plugin that automatically tags product data.

At Autodesk University 2016 Sweets.com showcased their new Revit plugin on the showroom floor. Users can tag product data into their Revit design models.

“Sweets is a marketplace where users can find multiple manufacture’s products,” said James Jackson, Co Founder of Global Product Data, LLC. “Directly from the Sweets app you’ll be able to go to manufacturers’ websites and automatically tag product data in your model.”

It’s saves Revit user huge amounts of time. Usually designers or architects must manually type the data in or they would go out and search the Internet for manufactured specific BIM content and bring that into their design model.

“The product tagging technology allows them to select product data and automatically write that data in with a single click,” Jackson said.

As much as Revit and Autodesk technology is praised, the software has created an abundant amount of manual work in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Startups and entrepreneurs are starting to fix this problem.

“We use BIM 360, Revit and build Revit families for many of our customers; Autodesk has the best design and build software in the world,” HingePoint CEO and Founder Bryce Finnerty said. “However, it can create a lot of manual work for people in our industry.”

Sweets.com hopes to alleviate the manual task of tagging things like, doors, windows and other key product data.

“This is a great step in the right direction to automate the AEC industry,” Finnerty said. “We’ve got to get rid of the busywork so we can focus on the more important items when designing and building.”

The Sweets.com app is available in the Autodesk App Store for free.

HingePoint provides AutoDesk, BIM and Revit consulting & services for the AEC industry with development & integration of AutoDesk products with enterprise systems. As members of the AutoDesk Development Network, we are a trusted partner with over 25 years experience of systems development and integration work in the AEC industry. We support development of Autodesk products including AutoCAD, Revit, M, BIM360 and are experts in integrating with enterprise systems including Salesforce, SharePoint & Office365. Our clients range from top hotel brands and restaurant chains to AEC firms and real estate developers and Facilities Management. We provide BIM with ROI. Results Guaranteed…Literally Guaranteed.

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