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Deliver Energy Performance Results Faster and Earlier

The streamlined BIM workflow saves you time by avoiding rework, which can lead to significant soft cost savings during the

Re-Integrate Architectural Design Modifications

Provide quick feedback by managing design updates through the re-integration of BIM for comparative analysis with minimal rework. The benefits

Interoperate Between BIM and Energy Modeling

Build clean models before exporting the gbXML file and avoid integration errors before they happen, yielding predictably good results across

Lenovo Thinkstation P330 family

Smaller just got better with the Lenovo Thinkstation P330 family (Sponsored post) At Lenovo, we understand that mission-critical tasks require

Tridify and Unity collaborate to bring BIM models into Unity game engine

Cloud service uses IFC files to create optimised models, complete with BIM data, for real time viz, VR and AR

CL3VER unveils real-time 3D cloud rendering technology

Nvidia RTX-based technology can deliver real-time, photorealistic 3D content directly in a web browser Read More ...

Review: AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200

AMD’s new high-end pro GPU delivers good performance for 3D and GPU rendering and, with an impressive multi-tasking capability, the

Radeon ProRender – accelerating GPU rendering

AMD is developing smart ways to cut render times in its physically-based renderer, other than relying on the brute force

VR CAVE deployed on University of Birmingham redevelopment

Main contractor Willmott Dixon is using collaborative VR technology to help improve decision making using a single-source model Read More

Corona Renderer gets performance boost for interactive rendering

New release of the photorealistic renderer boasts better IR performance, reduced memory usage and ‘instant’ GPU-based denoising Read More ...