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PLQ 3.4 – Inspired Improvements

Hello BIMfans, By writing PLQ 3.4 – EPConclusion, I was able to complete the calculations for my Energy Performance

PLQ 3.4 – EPConclusion

Hello BIMfans, After previously considering my Overall Dimensions, Heating Requirements and Internal Gains, I am now able to complete

PLQ 3.4 – No Pain No Gain

Hello BIMfans, As you are aware from my Previous Posts, I am currently working my way through BRE‘s Standard

PLQ 3.4 – SAP Likes It Hot

Hello BIMfans, In my last post, I introduced BRE‘s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and began my SAP Calculations by

PLQ 3.4 – Frank SAPpa

Hello BIMfans, Now that I’ve produced Tŷ Crempog‘s information model, it’s time (finally) to put it to practical use

PLQ 3.3 – Measured Maintenance

Hello BIMfans, Now that my COBie has been validated during COBie Culmination, it is time to put that