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Charles shares his view on the current retrofit market of the UAE

Charles Blaschke was interviewed by Climate Control Middle East alongside several industry leaders to give their take on

Taka Solutions Educates the Market at RetrofitTech KSA

Charles Blaschke joined the leaders panel discussion on Saudi Arabia’s retrofitting strategy and delivered a key-note presentation on

Guest Blog – Ana Bera from SafeAtLast

The Impact of Smart Homes Something labeled as disruptive causes immense amount of change. It causes a change

Charles Blaschke Leads the Panel at the Building Automation and Maintenance Summit

Taka’s CEO and Co-Founder, Charles Blaschke, lead the ‘Market Trends’ panel, in which he discussed the impact of

Commercial Energy Retrofits – Producing Smart, Future-Proof Buildings

Leveraging the powers of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud analytics, energy modeling, and Building Information Modeling (BIM),

Financing and Your Commercial Energy Retrofits

At Taka Solutions, we want to help your organisation save energy, save money and reduce your carbon impact.

Taka Experts – William Avrillon on the Digitalization of Energy Systems

Continuing our Taka Experts Initiative with our Business Development Executive, William Avrillion, who shone a light on the

Taka Experts – Craig MacMenomay on Engineering for Hospitals

Craig MacMenomay is the UAE’s leading healthcare engineering specialist with over 18 years of specialist design and healthcare

Taka Experts – Rehana Jiffrey on Energy Modelling

We kicked-off with Rehana Jiffrey, one of our most experienced Energy Engineers and is an expert IES VE

Energy Audits – A Checkup for Your Commercial Building

Are you looking for a more focused energy audit? Our energy engineers can help. If you have a