The Strategy of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Let’s be clear, Building Information Modeling is not a thing. It’s not a piece of software or hardware. You cannot get building information modeling off the shelf or at an online store.

It’s a strategy. It’s a strategy to collaborate and work with teams on a building project.

When we at HingePoint say BIM, we are saying that all of your data about a project is in one database and can be accessed from one screen. Most often it can be accessed from the 3D model itself.

Building Information Modeling is an interconnected suite of data that is integrated between systems. Below is a list of systems that can be connected to a 3D model. Once you have 5-7 systems of data attached and integrated into your building data, we think you have a BIM model.

But not every customer is going to want the same information in their model, so it’s important to know what kind of data is right for your business and building.

Here’s what kind of information might be in a database connected to the 3D model. We call these subsystems:

  • 3D models – This includes models from all sub-contractors to determine clash detection: electrical, mechanical, plumbers, civil engineers, etc.
  • Contents and Finishes Library
  • Specs Library
  • 4D – which means your model can connect to schedules. Then you can run simulations in Revit and actually see the project being built.
  • Procurement System
  • Contract Management
  • Capital Outlay
  • Pro Forma

If you are using a BIM model, you’re in the cloud and can access plans and information from any mobile device. Anyone who has the credentials can add to this 3D model. Then your team can work together to determine clash detection. You can have any type of technology integrated with it.

See where you are on to the path to BIM by using the above table. The idea is to be fully-digital while printing on-demand, fully automated, and able to collaborate with virtually anyone on a project.

HingePoint covers the AEC Industry and is the author of The AEC Industry 4.0 Report and the Autodesk Industry Report 2017.

HingePoint helps construction and real estate development companies take control of their company’s information. We combine systems, software, and data so all company information can be seen and accessed from one screen, like a smartphone or computer.

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