Watch Now: 2D / Sketch Up to BIM Webinar

Our recent ‘Transitioning from 2D/Sketch Up to BIM‘ workshop outlined the different approaches to BIM and how these can be implemented by architects currently working in 2D.

Many firms have or are adopting some level of Building Information Modeling. This course will outline different approaches to BIM and present benefits and potential drawbacks to each. Whether you have switched to BIM or considering the switch, this course will help you gain a deeper understanding of how BIM can make you more profitable.

  1. You will learn the different levels of BIM (i.e. BM, BIM for Drawings, BIM)
  2. You will realize the inefficiencies, cost implications and ramifications of redundant work and multiple applications
  3. You will be introduced to processes to streamline into a single BIM application
  4. You will see the benefits to firms engaged in single BIM applications

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