What is a SharePoint Hub Site?

Microsoft has officially released SharePoint hub sites and is gradually rolling them out to Office 365 customers.

The first announcement of SharePoint hub sites was last fall at Microsoft Ignite.

What is a SharePoint hub site in Office 365?

SharePoint hub sites enable you to organize your intranet by associating multiple team sites and communication sites together in SharePoint. Hub sites provide common navigational structure, look and feel, and search across associated sites. You can use SharePoint Online hub sites in Office 365 to organize concepts, teams, divisions, or resources throughout your organization, making it easier to:

  • Search across all associated sites

  • Discover related content, such as news and other site activities

  • Apply common navigation and branding across associated sites

SharePoint hub sites combine news and activities from your different associated sites and display the roll-up on the hub’s home page. This could potentially have a significant impact on the way you construct intranets and departmental sites within your organization. The association can be changed whenever you like, meaning that making changes to the organizational structure will be as simple as adjusting a setting.

Desktop SharePoint Hub Sites

Mobile SharePoint Hub Sites

Searching for content across the SharePoint hub

When you search from a SharePoint hub site, content on the current hub site, as well as content on any associated sites, is displayed in the results. Users searching for items will only see results for which they have access to. This feature greatly simplifies the process of managing what information users have access to.


Q: When can I expect to see SharePoint hub sites appear in my Office 365 tenant?

A: SharePoint hub sites with begin rolling out to Office 365 First Release customers in the first half of 2018.

Q: Can I join one SharePoint hub site under another hub site?

A: No, you won’t be able to join a SharePoint hub site to another hub site.

Q: Can a team site or a communication site be joined to more than one SharePoint hub site?

A: No. It will only be possible to join a site to one hub site at a time. It is possible to link to various unjoined sites in the top navigation. And it will be possible, within seconds, to join and/or unjoin a site as the business changes.

Q: Can a hub site replace my current organizational portal?

A: Hub sites are designed to let you dynamically organize closely-related sites, bringing together similar projects, binding related assets, and presenting common activity. Customers with portals that include customization beyond the web parts and extensions that the SharePoint Framework currently supports are likely to continue using the SharePoint publishing infrastructure, which continues to be fully supported in both SharePoint Server On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

Q: When should I use a team site? When should I use a communication site?

A: Your SharePoint team site lets you share content, knowledge, news, and apps with your group as you collaborate on a project. A communication site lets you tell your story, share your work, and showcase your product across the organization.

What’s Next

We can’t wait to start planning and constructing solutions with SharePoint hub sites in 2018. HingePoint believes hub sites will be most valuable in an intranet scenario because of the navigation abilities of cross-site collections that have been lacking in previous SharePoint versions.

If you’re trying to customize SharePoint hubs to meet your organization’s unique needs, we’d love to hear what you’re looking to accomplish! Feel free to start a live chat with our solution consultant on this page, email us, or call us at (214) 301-0000 to get started today.

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